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Current Live websites in my portfolio:

Freelancer Tutor – anuverma-tutor.co.uk


Wood Sculptor – http://jawoodsculptor.co.uk/

What projects have I done?

My career lasted 20 years before becoming a business owner, I was employed as a Graphic Designer with coding skills in internet agencies, advertising agencies and marketing departments. Where I worked autonomously and within teams of programmers, designers and marketers

What am I particularly proud of?

Where to start! Of course having the chance to work Microsoft on a few projects has to be up there. I was able to talk to a microsoft software seller to shops who asked me to create some adverts and manage a campaign for him.

I’ve also designed and built a app game and website for Siemens this was free game they put on their phones, and was going back to when phones where small and hardly any access to the Internet.

I would have to mention doing a branding project for a global financial business that needed their brand improving and unified. I created their logo, website design, mailshots & interior design elements within their offices.

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