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Current Live websites in my portfolio:

Freelancer Tutor – anuverma-tutor.co.uk

Truck Recovery Service – http://baserecovery.net

Wood Sculptor – http://jawoodsculptor.co.uk

What projects have I done?

My career lasted 20 years before becoming a business owner. In the 2o years, I was employed fulltime as a Graphic Designer with coding skills in Internet Agencies, Advertising Agencies and Marketing departments. I worked autonomously and within teams of programmers, designers and marketers.

What am I particularly proud of?

Where do I start! Of course, having the chance to work Microsoft on a few projects has to be up there. I was able to talk to a Microsoft software seller to shops who asked me to create some adverts and manage a campaign for him.

I’ve also designed and built an app game and website for Siemens this was a free game they put on their phones and was going back to when phones were small and hardly any access to the Internet.

I would have to mention doing a branding project for a global financial business that needed their brand improving and unified. I created their logo, website design, mailshots & interior design elements within their offices.

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