What’s a typical cost for Business Cards?

As a professional Designer and Marketer, of 20 years. I would say it all depends on what you want to pay!


You can get Business Card templates online, for an excellent price and are low-budget.


Why should I spend some time on the design of my business card?


You may not need too, if you’re all about getting your message out there, and have no existing brand identity. Then you’re at the perfect position, to choose a design from one of the many business card providers.


So when is it essential to spend the time and money on a business card?


This is down to your Logo mainly; your Logo is everything and the more time and money you spend on it, the better and more professional it is going to look.


Non-Designers think that a Designer takes a minute to design a logo, so why should they pay a lot. But you are paying for their experience, which is a lot of cases, is a long one with a Degree and courses behind them.


If you look at famous brands and their logos, they will spend millions, and it makes a difference!  The following graphic below shows how much thought and time can be taken on such matters.



Once the Logo is chosen, a Branding Document is drawn up.


This is created to make sure through-out all the design work created for your company your Brand Image stays reasonably consistent.  These typically go over the do’s and don’ts of using a logo and also shares the colours of the brand as well as other things.

This is what makes your company recognisable, and can in time creates brand followers, who see your brand, as good quality and expect high standards in care.


Think of it from the side of the customer, what do you look for?


You want a company or service that’s not going to let you down, who keeps to dates and contacts regularly. You may look for signs they are trust-worthy, such as their image, have they spent some time on this?


This then flows onto:


  • have they got customer reviews?
  • What partners do they have?
  • What projects have they done before?
  • How long have they been around?


All of these pointers will get people to contact you.


So when all of the above is done, you can then create your business card:)

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