The future is #VirtualReality.

If you want to stand out in the crowd and get customers to your business, it may be wise to keep an eye on what the ‘with-it crowd’ are expected to be doing in the next few years.

What’s is VR?

You will never go to the moon or swim with sharks but if virtual reality ever lives up to its promise, you might be able to do all these things. Unlike the real world virtual reality means simulating bits of our world or our imagination by using high-performance computer headsets and gloves.</p

Where will you see it?

You may have seen it popping up as simulations, where you can fly a plane, learn how to drive or ride a horse.

The future will be more in your surrounding areas in bars and restaurants as a way of meeting new people in a different reality. People will be able to explore a believable, interactive 3D computer-created world, where they feel both mentally and physically there.

It will be Interactive as you move around, the VR world will move with you. You can watch a 3D movie, be transported up to the Moon, enter different fantasy rooms and most importantly socialise.

Pros and Cons

Like learning to drive via simulations people may not like the experience and prefer to do things in a real world, but this will probably be with the older crowd, but when its comes to the youth they revel in anything new, when it’s come to technology and judging from the success of the game Pokemon the  VR experience will be a hit too.

Types of VR around

Fully immersive

This would be creating by a computer generated world, which would then be viewed by using a head-mounted display (HMD) with two screens and stereo sound and wear one or more sensory gloves.

None immersive

A realistic flight simulator on a home PC might qualify as none immersive, using headphones or surround sound, and a realistic joystick and other controls.


Would the virtual worlds you can find online some well known one are Second Life and Minecraft.

Augmented reality

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have apps and games that are connected to the real world by holding up the monitor and pointing to areas of the real world icons and animations will pop up with that area. This could be for a game or just as a form of communication. The game that was on everyone lips for 2016 was  Pokemon Go.

Some history

The first virtual reality machine was built by Morton Heilig’s 1962 Sensorama.

Virtual reality was one of the hottest, fastest-growing technologies in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the rapid rise of the World Wide Web largely killed off the interest.

There is a new buzz about VR now that millenniums have been brought up with the internet and are after something different and new preferably away from tablets, mobiles and computers.

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