1) Pricing excludes printing costs but I’m happy to find a resource for this service and give you the prices. I find eBay has some great priced printers that supply an acceptable print quality.

2) Hosting and domains are not included with the price quotes. But I’m happy to set this up for you and give you support. I recommend two companies for your hosting.

  • If you’re going for cheap as possible I would recommend https://www.ionos.co.uk. I must warn you it is slow when you’re editing the back end and caching isn’t great. Also, it only gives you back up fro the past 5 days. Which when you have a complicated website isn’t good enough
  •  Siteground is a little bit more in price but fully recommend as you get no slow down when editing and various weird things happening when working with their server. It also has backup going back 9 months which is very useful. I would strongly recommend moving over to them even if you have set-up yourself elsewhere. To view Sitegrounds, details click here.

3) There can be no alterations or cancellations in instances where the products are to be supplied and are bespoke and manufactured to order.

4) You accept Dolce Designer’s standard trade terms & conditions as well as any terms & conditions specific to your quotation.

5) You accept that any alteration to the order at a later stage will attract a handling fee of £25 plus any costs that Dolce Designer incurs in facilitating the alterations such as administration.

6) Any alterations additions made after receiving water-marked designs will be treated as a separate order.

7) Pricing will not include consultation times and support will be on my hourly rate

8) Travelling costs to meet a client outside a 10-mile radius of my office with being included in the invoice as well as administration costs.

9) I will include any administrations costs that are involved in starting and completing the package