Starting a brand image?

When meeting a potential client, I find that they will have some idea what they are after, but almost always they after me to give them a bit of guidance when creating a new Brand image.


So what are the most important questions do I ask when starting on creating a Logo and Brand image?

Below you can find the top ten questions I ask.


WHO IS YOUR TARGET MARKET / DEMOGRAPHIC? – Without answering this question, I cannot get an idea who I’m designing for as the age and country make a difference in the feel of the design work I create and cannot move on without this getting answered.


HOW DO PEOPLE LEARN ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE? – If I know what platform you are advertising your business on, I can design ideas for that platform. Creating for a BillBoard is going to be technically different than on the Internet and needs to be thought of at the beginning when coming up with concept ideas.


WHO ARE YOUR COMPETITORS AND HOW DO THEY POSITION THEMSELVES? HOW DO YOU DIFFER FROM THEM? – This bit of marketing research is worth doing as gives you a stronger product/service. You need all the tools and analysis you can get to compete in a competitive market place. Asking these questions makes my clients aware of my keenness to use marketing results in my work.


WHAT PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICE(S) DOES YOUR BUSINESS OFFER? – The more I understand of the product, the more I can get under the skin of the project and come up with a fantastic brand.


WHAT IS THE OVERALL MESSAGE YOU WISH TO PORTRAY WITH YOUR BRAND? – Communication is the key to selling and getting your message out. If I understand the words, I can then clearly articulate this message into my Brand Design work.


WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE FEEL WHEN THEY SEE OR THINK OF YOUR BRAND? – Understanding what the message if when selling a Product and Service is essential when creating a perfect piece of work.


ARE YOU A NICHE MARKET OR MASS MARKET? – Some Marketers will decide that the market is saturated when they do their research so that they may choose to Market the Service/Product in a different way. To create a good piece of work, I need to under these finding to understand what type of Design to do. I’m very flexible in my work and do many different styles and feels. Please join my Newsletter for more insight into my work.



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