Start-Up Package

Time: 6 Days

Price: £624*

Deposit: £100* ((Taken from the above price)

Hosting: Hosting: £1 – £9- per month* (Depending on the type of server needed)

Terms & Conditions

What do I provide with this package?

When you are just starting in business, you want to look the part for your customers and suppliers, and with this start-up package you will, because I provide some essential items that you will need to look serious.

    • 6 page WordPress website
    • A simple landing page on your WordPress website that has ‘call-to-actions’ such as a form, pictures and banners.
    • Generic Logo (not much time spent on this I’m afraid) – I offer two other packages for your logo needs
    • Business card
    • Simple newsletter design and HTML build

A5 flyer (one side)

  • Graphic/flyer for social media accounts
  • A perfect box set of marketing material at a high price!

What do I need from you to get started?

  • A consultation with me would be best to discuss your needs and what you are aiming to achieve. I can then advise on what I can do for you.

Current Live websites in my portfolio:

Freelancer Tutor –

Past projects from my portfolio:

Logos, Business Cards & Social Media Graphics 3
Logos, Business Cards & Social Media Graphics 2

How the project will go forward in priority:

1) We will write a small brief that we’ll both agree on and sign off

2) I will start working on your logo first with sketch ideas.

3) I will create website page design and get this signed off by you, before moving to the development of the website. Sign off means you cannot change the plan unless you agree to pay my hourly rate as extra work

4) I will start the building of your website, which will mean sorting your domains and your server space. 

5) I will spend three hours showing you the back-end of your CMS websites and any technical questions you may have

6) If you want more advice, you can book me in for more hours separately on my hourly rate

7) I will set up the development version of your website, with means you can work on this independently, without your changes affecting your live website

8) If you need the dev version of the site made Live. I can do this for you on my hourly rate. It usually takes an hour unless there are technical complications.

  • 9) Lastly, the creation of your flyer and business card will proceed, and rough ideas of the design will be sent over for sign off. Which will mean once signed off I will not do any more changes to them unless you book in by my hourly rate. It will lead to the creation of various file formats for your chosen printers to use. You will need to find a company and sort this out your self. I can then send the files over to them and sort out any technical issues.


First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.


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1) Pricing excludes printing costs.
2) Hosting and domain not included, but can be arranged if required.
3) There can be no alterations or cancellations in instances where the products to be supplied are bespoke and manufactured to order.
4) You accept Dolce Designer’s standard trade terms & conditions as well as any terms & conditions specific to the quotation above.
5) You accept that any alteration to the order at a later stage will attract a handling fee of £25 plus any costs that Dolce Designer incurs in facilitating the alterations such as administration.
6) Any alterations additions made after receiving water-marked designs will be treated as a separate order.
7) Pricing will include consultation times and support on my hourly rate
8) Traveling costs to meet a client outside a 10-mile radius of my office with being included in invoice as well as administration costs.
9) I will include any administrations cost that is involved in starting and completing the package