I’ve found having this written down will help in discussions with my customers. If you see anything that’s missing from these pages, that you think needs answering. Please e-mail what you think, and I will add it in: helen@dolce-designer.co.uk

Simple Logo Package

Price: £75*

Full payment is needed before I will start this project

Terms & Conditions

The price is low and means a few little rules to apply to – please read on>>

Deluxe Logo Package

Price: £208*

Deposit: £100* (Taken from the above price)

Terms & Conditions

This price means you can call the shots and tell me what to do. I have twenty years experience in Marketing, Internet & Advertising Departments – please read on >>

Deluxe Logo Design Package 15
Deluxe Logo Design Package 18
Simple Logo Design Package 12

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