How to do a Digital Marketing Campaign?

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business. Having a clearly defined marketing strategy will help you. By having a strategy it will improve your presence online which will then lead to more leads.

You cannot expect to throw up websites and to do a blog and social media posts will do everything you need online.

Like any marketing you need to a clear definition of your target audience, creating informative and interesting content for that audience.

Set Your Objectives

1. Make it clear to yourself what you mission is

Once your mission is clear to yourself, your digital marketing goals should be in line with your overall plan.

Define what your overriding objective is and which you hope to achieve through your digital marketing campaign. For example, is it your aim to have your business as the go-to solution provider for the specific service or product you are offering?

2. Measure your efforts previously and now

Look at Google analytics and research of your previous efforts in digital marketing. By doing so, you will aim for an increase in the results while at the same time avoiding any pitfalls which happened previously.

Also, social media individual analytics engagement tracking can help you look at what seems to be attracting attention and what doesn’t.?

Who is your customer?

The old form of marketing your products to your customers by telling them what they needed has passed by. An efficient strategy calls for a thorough knowledge of your customer. A thorough understanding of your customers and know what their social status, gender, occupation and their budget is among other metrics. You can use this information to identify the needs and market effectively.

Communicating with your customers

Different audiences respond well to the different kinds of digital marketing strategies. For example, mobile apps. Emails are a preferred choice for older customers.


Email is the preferred mode of marketing for 75 percent of adults that use the internet. You will need to give careful thought to your email structure beginning with the subject line that ought to be strong and with a call to action, to the design and content.


You could opt for a stand-alone blog or one that is a page on your website. Blogs are useful in offering personal insights to your customers with regard to your business which makes it more approachable and human.


It will cost you quite a bit to have an app created for your business. A good number of small businesses have apps which they use to send their customers updates and offers.

Social media

By creating a business profile on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as other social networks, your business will be more pronounced. Social media will enable you to engage with would-be customers and learn from any feedback they give.

Viral campaigns

If done correctly can create free advertisement as the customer is spreading the word for you. You just need to understand your customer to know what they would pass on to friends and business associates.


If you create good blog pages on your website and in your social media accounts this will cause an interest in search engines. This will enable your website to move up the Google rankings.

Campaign Tracking

After making the plan and executing it, you should be able to track your online marketing campaign. Google Analytics which you can access easily through your Google mail account is a good placed to start.

Tips and hints

If you can focus on certain events in the news and topics that are popular this will also help when catching traffic.

It’s all about being relevant , helpful and informative to your customers and they will then notice your efforts.

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