Capify Finance

Blogging & Social Media Package 2
Murals, Signage & Exhibition Stands 5
Capify Finance 3
Start-Up Package 1
Promo Package 10
Capify Finance 4
Murals, Signage & Exhibition Stands 1
Murals, Signage & Exhibition Stands 2
Murals, Signage & Exhibition Stands 4
Deluxe Logo Design Package 14
Capify Finance 5
Data Campaign Package 3
Data Campaign Package 2

What was the project brief?

To rebrand four global offices for a financial company into one consistent brand.

Collaborating on projects

For this project, I worked directly with the marketing director and the founder, handling all new branding and marketing.

What services did I provide?

Established enterprises often reach a plateau in their growth, and need to reinvent themselves somewhat, which results in a rebranding of their identity becoming necessary. I have experience with help firms achieve this rebranding by working directly with the directors and handling all branding and marketing.

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