Embedding contactless technology.

Some of you guys may have heard that charities have started using embedding contactless technologies into some of their advertisements, asking for charity donations, a great idea we all think!


So the Designer in me thought, can this be done for the adverts I create and Exhibition stands. NO! But it’s certainly good to spend some time thinking about this subject, and below I’ve written some unusual little gems I found out.


For those who don’t know what  contactless is:

Contactless is a fast, easy and secure way to pay, for purchases costing £30 and under. Contactless payments are becoming increasingly common on a range of devices.

The underlying technology for all of these contactless payment devices is the same. The contactless device contains an antenna so that when it is touched against a contactless terminal, it securely transmits purchase information to and from the terminal.


While the UKCA’s latest research shows how contactless payments are on the rise, card spending, in general, is also on the increase. Twice as many payments were made on cards compared to 10 years ago, and three out of every four pounds spent happens at UK retailers on a debit or credit card.

Who’s using this service?


  • Charities
  • Transport
  • Retailers

Is it possible to embed contactless technology, into marketing collateral and adverts

After looking around, I can see  a few companies who say they can do this service, but they don’t show testimonials or even pictures of the product – so you may be going into something that has ‘murky waters’ and could end up getting something that doesn’t produce the goods 100%

I also found a man who experimented putting the chip under his skin, which he reported to work fine (Ouch!)

Some testing has been happening on various ideas.

The 100 day proof of concept was carried out in London – both with traditional street collections and unattended collection tins in Costa Coffee locations around London, the UK’s biggest coffeehouse chain and second most significant in the world. The contactless collection tins were based on a traditional collection tin shaker design with the contactless plate on top – designed in conjunction with the Royal College of Art.


According to Visa Europe Collab, “The results were incredibly positive: the service was fast and easy, and the people we spoke to found it an intuitive and practical way to donate. We’ve now handed the successful proof of concept back to the main Visa Europe business where it will go through further incubation, prioritisation and market testing.

Wearable jewellery which then can help you make payments

There is a strong possibility that in the future, they could be used to access bank accounts and, why not, to make payments! The contactless technology is currently having such a great success that I would not be surprised if it is adopted on these new wearables.

This naturally leads to me writing a blog, about not having intangible money in the future, and payments just being made electronically. Also, other types of cash being used, such as BitCoin. Maybe another article about this in the future methinks.

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