Digital Freelancers verses Agencies

After 20 years working as a Designer in agencies and working as a freelancer. I’m starting to think. Freelancers are best!


Typically when having a group of people working on branding and marketing projects, you get better results. How ever this is not always the case, as a lot of large agencies will outsource their work to smaller design firms, because of the volume of work they get or to make a more significant profit margin. It is cheaper for them to outsource than to hire full-time employees. So you can be paying, twice or three times the cost of Freelancer for the same standard of work.

Also, generally, people tend to think a Designer takes minutes to come up with a beautiful piece of work because they’re highly skilled. This is not true. You have to be talented and highly experienced, but it’s also a lot to do with having ‘time’ to get the project done.

Freelancing gives Designers’ ‘ time’ and lets a Designer work on a project at their own pace. This doesn’t mean it’s more expensive either, as most designers will negotiate a fixed rate, or discuss a flexible payment scheme, to suit their customer’s needs.

When Designers are working within an agency, the agency will have a lot of overheads. Which means the Designer will have to work fast and may cause them to drop their high standard in their work ethic. This is especially true when working with a mediocre agency,  that may not be at the top of their game and need to offer a competitive price to keep their heads above water.

Also, since the recession has been around, small companies are stretched, with many cheaper alternatives abroad to compete against. So unless you can afford to go with a design agency, that has many years of experience, and is well experienced with has regular clients. A freelancer really could be a better alternative for quality as they’re eager to keep a right name for themselves and get returning customers.

This is why I have chosen the freelance route, as I have a wealth experience and want to keep my work 100% in quality.

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Kind Regards Helen

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