Building yourself as a Brand.

The problem nowadays is that people have little time, which means to get something noticed, it needs to be consistence and say the same thing, which is why branding works when it comes to Products and Services.

With the advent of blogs and social media, this has enabled anyone, to become known and have the opportunity to have a voice globally. But what about you?  Have you ever thought about how you come across to other people? We as human beings,  and are very complex and have many different layers in our personality, but this can be your downfall when getting noticed and remembered.

Clarity and consistency, be precise in who you are and who you are not. If you have many interests, maybe you could tone some of them down and focus on the one area you think you would be happy doing and is their market for it.  You could do this by having two social media accounts, one that is more recreational and one that is to do with getting yourself know for a particular quality.

Branding yourself could be an excellent move, by finding yourself a signature image, a unique voice and a recognisable standard. It can allow you to establish a reputation and identity, which still maintaining a personal level of trust and interaction.

1) So how do you brand yourself?

Before you can establish or develop your expertise, you have to reputation is. You may have many areas of expertise, but to be a good brand, you need to come across different and unique compared to your competitors. Focus on what your most proud of and prove that you know about that area inside out.

2) Start writing and keep your image consistent.

Build your reputation, make what-ever you say to a high standard and people will become to expect this and value this from you.

When it comes to your image, make sure you consistently present yourself, as in the same colours and graphics when online. Twill all help to make people recognise you from your competitors.

3) Clean up your act on social media.

Take the time in making your pages consistent in the image and look. You Posts and updates should be regular, but only post content you would like to read yourself and would respect if read by yourself.

4)  Network

On social media and in the real world, the key to sparking growth in your brand is networking. Engage with other individuals by using the ‘@’ sign, and anybody else who could be valuable in helping you spread the word about your expertise. Attend networking events and get your face known in your community.

A personal brand is a way of looking at yourself from the outside and forming a person, who you would like to be. Once you start doing this, you will eventually become that person, and people will also treat you this way too.