Promo Package

Time: 2 days

Price: £208*

Deposit: £70* ((Taken from the above price)

Hosting: £1 – £9- per month* (Depending on the type of server needed)

Terms & Conditions

What’s in this promotional marketing package?


With my previous experience as an advertising designer I can design and provide that initial range of promotional marketing products to get you going:


  • A simple HTML 6 page website
  • Generic Logo (not much time spent on this I’m afraid) – I offer two other packages for your logo needs
  • Business card
  • Simple newsletter design and HTML build
  • A5 flyer (one side)
  • Graphic/flyer for social media accounts
  • A perfect box set of promotional marketing material at an amazing price!

Perfect for you if:


  • You are a new start-up looking for that professional impression right from the start
  • You want a range of marketing material designed by a professional
  • You need a quality product and service at an amazing price!

What do I need from you to get started?


A consultation with me would be best to discuss your needs and what you are aiming to achieve. I can then advise on what I can do for you.

If you find my packages a bit pricey, you can always talk to me about setting up a monthly retainer scheme, booking me in for three months would make it cheaper.

Past projects from my portfolio:

Brochure & Book Design Package
Logos, Business Cards & Social Media Graphics 2

advertising designer


First come, first served! As an a advertising designer I can get busy-ish. Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.


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